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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are are most commonly asked queries that may save you a phonecall!

Q: Hazardous Goods - Can I ship these to you?
A: If you can safely release pressure on Oxygen products then it can sometimes be easier to find a shipper. Halon cannot be legally released into the atmosphere so will be required to ship to us charged. The box would be required to be labelled with correct dangerous goods information and warning triangles in line with ADR regulations and your freight forwarders requirements. (Material Data Sheets are attached to website for your use if required).
We can arrange collections if you’re having difficulties.

Q: What are your opening hours to receive goods?
A: We are open Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 5pm and Friday 8.30am - 4.30 pm

Q: Can you be contacted outside office hours for AOG and critical situations?
A: Yes we have a dedicated email address for these urgent cases

Q: Do you have a stock list?
A: Our stock constantly changes, we post our listings on the industry sites (see Stock List) but we welcome direct enquiry for any specific part, just get in touch.

Q: I have a problem with your website, who do I contact?
A: Any comments or queries relating to the site itself, please drop a line to